There is no doubt; these are difficult times on many levels.  Some of the people I speak with talk about losing their savings in the down market. Others talk about job loss and how frightened they are of a future that is uncertain. These and many other life losses lead to profound grief.

Its one thing to know that you are feeling the pull of grief but it is quite another thing to know what to do about it. Sometimes it is the realization that you have no control that fuels the feelings of grief.

If you can, find someone you can share your feelings with. Your real feelings not just the ones you think they want to hear. This can be hard to do but once you take that first step, you just might feel a whole lot better.

Very often adversity leads to a renewal within you. This might be a good time to look at what you value most in your life and really begin to focus on the people and things in your life that are most important to you. If you are in the depths of grieving now, hold tight. The storm will pass and you will emerge renewed.

Remember the butterfly. The struggle is often part of your life’s journey.