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Many employers don’t fully understand the severity of trauma their employees are experiencing due to the Pandemic.

Trauma, grief, and loss have had a profound impact on our productivity, ability to concentrate and be resilient. The pandemic has forced most of us to work differently. HR leaders and managers have had to pivot and adjust to the new norms overnight. This sudden and dramatic change to our work life has left many struggling with balancing work and personal life.

Balancing productivity and compassion can be a difficult challenge for managers during normal times but in the midst of a pandemic it can be overwhelming. Most managers do not have the experience, tools or training needed. 

Although your managers are sympathetic to the employee’s situation, this is most likely not their most pressing issue and they figure that in time, it will resolve itself. It is understandable in today’s fast-paced business environment that it is difficult to take the time out to plan and prepare for such inevitabilities. However, it is precisely the planning, the preparation, and the training that can help the most during these difficult times.

Our effective programs help employers reduce the impact of pandemic trauma within the workplace. See workshop offerings on page 2 for more information.

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Guiding Your Team 

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We help you address the critical need to train your managers on handling employee trauma and crisis issues. The stress, anxiety and burnout that is so prevalent in today’s work environment 

Our custom workshops give you the tools needed to improve morale while regaining employee productivity.

Put a Plan In Place 

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Balancing productivity and compassion can be a difficult challenge for managers. When loss strikes having a plan in place will ensure that you are handling the situation in the best possible way. A plan should encompass grief coaching and training to understand the stages and emotions of the grief process and provide guidance and support for the grieving employee, team or client.