Keep your best employees engaged and productive.

Cultivate deeper connections and collaboration through radical communication skills and understanding to meet the needs of today's workforce.

Are you this leader, dealing with these issues?

  • You are struggling with individual and team productivity issues. 
  • You know that lack of clear communication skills are affecting company morale.
  • Your products and services are suffering as a result of poor employee performance.
  • Your company is experiencing increased turnover and disconnected/disengaged employees.
  •  Employees are reluctant to return to the office post-pandemic and are demanding virtual working arrangements.
  •  You are missing the training needed to understand the effects that trauma and stress is having on your employees.

Managing the 2024 Workplace



I work with your leaders to ensure that they have the skills to maximize employee engagement, emphasizing your company's values and goals. The mentoring and coaching that I provide are grounded in Human Resources, Facilitation, and Trauma training. The focus is on giving your managers the skills they need to effectively navigate the aftermath of Covid 19, which is referred to as the "new normal." I focus on helping your leaders become more effective at the skills needed to hire, motivate, and retain the best and brightest employees.

Leadership Mentoring

Begin a mentoring or consulting program designed for team leaders and managers that imparts the skills to addressing key communication issues and concerns within their team. Programs offered include 3 months, 6 months, and a 1-year format to ensure knowledge transfer and implementation. 

One-on-On Consulting

Personalized consulting ensures that individual concerns are addressed. Often during these talks, issues surrounding workload and reassignments surface. To have personalized, tailored training in handling the problems facing company leaders today, 


Training programs are tailored around issues that your company is facing today. Covid 19 has highlighted many stress issues affecting your employees in a variety of ways. Emphasis is ensuring that the training covers issues surrounding all types of trauma, grief, and loss so that your employees feel secure in their ability to address any kind of loss they may encounter. 


I am available as an accomplished, inspirational, motivational speaker. Talks or workshops are tailored to your group's specific needs in your workplace. Topics include communication skills, manager training, and trauma in the workplace training. To find out about having Linda speak for your company, group, or association. 

  Schedule a call to set up a no-obligation conversation 

to see if this format is suitable for you and your managers.



Managing Trauma In The 2024 Workplace


Trauma in the workplace encompasses death and many other losses, such as illness and family caretaking, which leads to grief. The work environment presents unique challenges in dealing with trauma and grief while keeping productivity up. Trauma is one of the most difficult workplace events for managers to deal with positively, proactively, and productively.

“Linda's expertise was in dealing with our workplace grief and making quick connections with a diverse group of people, adeptly getting to the heart-of-the-matter at hand.

Dawn White

Executive Director of HR

As a trauma coach, human resources manager, and facilitator, I have guided many individuals, managers, teams, and companies through the jagged, demoralizing grief journey. I have seen first-hand how critical it is for a company to have a plan in place to deal with the devastating, costly impact trauma can have on the person experiencing loss and the entire company. With trauma, it is not a question of whether or not it will hit your company; it is a question of when.

Be prepared for "When."


All Services in One place

Manager Consultation 


Our service usually starts with a consultation to understand your unique situation. A customized program is then provided that will help you keep your business moving through trauma.

Individual Coaching


Our meetings with your team member ensures that individual concerns are addressed. Often during these talks, issues surrounding workload and reassignments surface.

Trauma Support as Needed 


When your workplace is affected by trauma, there is usually little or no warning. If you do not have a trauma mitigation plan in place, you will need guidance to help keep the work effort up and support the affected employee and team. We provide guidance and support on demand.

Ongoing Trauma Education 


Our training sessions, both virtual and in-person ensure that your team is prepared to say and do the right thing when a crisis or trauma event occurs. 


Today  Every Manager Needs to Know About Trauma On the Web

Far too many managers think that because they are not currently dealing with a trauma or loss in their company, they do not need to prepare for such an event.



Today there is a much greater acceptance and usage of the web as a way to connect and express our feelings of grief and loss. Social media has added a new dimension to the grief process. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many other online sites are now used to connect to others.

Managers need the training and understanding of company policy and legal guidance when employees post sensitive information online.

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