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Team Communication Skills

Studies conducted over the last few months show that feelings of disconnect are high due to the impact of Covid-19 and the work from home mandates. Never has there been a more important time than now to provide the support and training needed to connect all of your employees.

I provide your team with the skills and training needed to boost productivity and engagement. 

Today's Workplace Challenges

Employee Engagement 

Over the past year, employee engagement has been at record low levels. A disconnected workforce directly affects your bottom line, affecting revenue, morale, and employee retention. Today, employees look to work for belonging, purpose, and community.

Solution: Employees want to feel valued and involved in their everyday work. The COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for one of the most prominent workplace transformations of our lifetime. Employers need to ensure that they are prepared for the mental and emotional impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on their workforce. A consultative approach, by surveying employees on topics such as flexible working preferences, work/life balance needs, and mental well-being, can provide vital insights to then inform strategic company decisions, which can help boost engagement and retention rates.

Hiring Challenges

Getting the right person into the right job with the right skills is a major issue for many companies today. Keeping your best employees is one of the biggest human resources challenges companies are facing today. Turnover is top of the mind for many employers as the economy returns to a post-pandemic normal. Candidates are asking, in some cases, "demanding" a work environment that supports their choice in their work/life balance. High turnover is possible for companies that do not also focus on employee wellness and engagement.

Solution: Companies who embrace diverse and inclusive cultures are more likely to make better and more effective decisions—both of which are essential business traits to possess during the pandemic and beyond. Leaders who welcome diverse talents and include multiple perspectives are likely to emerge as a much stronger company and may facilitate the retention of women and minority groups. 

Flexible Workforce

Employees have come to expect flexible work arrangements. Most employers are asked to consider this option in response to employee retention. If your company does not offer flexible work arrangements, you may experience "the great resignation."

Solution: Understanding how to manage a digital workforce effectively WHILE ensuring that the increased use of remote working doesn't negatively impact productivity are other critical considerations for many leaders. The first step is to outline clear objectives and plan regular check-ins to ensure work progress. Providing flexible schedules can result in increased morale and productivity while also reducing stress.

Employee Wellness 

The financial cost of neglecting employees' well-being is undeniable. Due to the pandemic, many companies have become aware of the importance of their employees' overall mental and physical health. Companies that do not pay attention to this very real need in the workplace today will lose out on hiring and retaining some of their best employees.

Solution: Organizations should be proactive and engage with employees, taking note of their overall health, personal, medical, and family challenges that may be impacting their health and provide support services as needed. Establish and reinforce a culture where employees are valued and cared for through providing leaders and programs that value a culture that supports your employees.

Diversity & Inclusion

The events of the past year have spotlighted the need to prioritize efforts toward both diversity and inclusion. Promoting equality and teamwork grounded in skills such as emotional intelligence and soft skills mastery by your managers are needed to enhance the workplace culture and employee commitment resulting in a more collaborative and engaged workforce.

Solution: Committing to and working toward a balanced, diverse workforce that includes all aspects of diversity, including race, ethnicity, age, sexual preference, and culture, is the first step to put this type of plan into action. This focused effort results in an effective balance of diverse ideas that boost employee morale, company profits, and how a company is viewed. Attracting and keeping employees is a significant benefit of focusing on D&I. 

Communication Skills

The need for open and frequent communications between all levels of management is at a critical point for many companies today. The low level of trust between management and staff plus the additional difficulties of communicating in a virtual environment translate into disconnect at all levels and becomes difficult for managers to connect on a deeper, more personal level.

Solution:  Building trust and displaying transparency are also key to a trauma-informed environment. The ability to identify, assess and control your own emotions and influence other's emotions has a direct, positive impact on your management results. So if you are looking to connect better with your employees and customers, improving communication skills is a worthwhile topic for you to explore and incorporate into your management style of communicating.

4  or 5 Generations in the Workplace

With four generations in the workplace today, working and getting along with everyone can be a big challenge. The challenge is how to focus on developing the skills and understanding needed to working together more effectively. 

Solution: Ensure that everyone at your company understands and values the unique skills and experiences that are a part of each generation. Mentoring and cross-teams cultivate a rich environment that places value on all skills and abilities. Develop talent strategies, looking beyond group differences and gather insights on individual employees' interests, values, and aspirations

Product & Services Highlights

Today, communication skills are in high demand. As a business owner, entrepreneur, or team member you can not afford to let poor soft skills stand between you and your customers.

Communication Skills for Today's New Workplace World  

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