Managing Trauma & Grief in the Workplace

Your employees are your most important asset for running your business and keeping it profitable. Research indicates that illness or a death in the family is the second most common problem which affects workplace performance. (stress is #1). When a death or other serious crisis occurs, on average it impacts the lives of more than 25 other people. 

Workplace trauma which includes grief and loss, can affect the individual or the entire team. Handling loss at work is challenging on a personal and professional level.

While 84% of companies have Employee Assistance Programs, only 10% of employees use them.  A manager needs to do more than just send a grieving individual to an EAP program which only addresses part of the grief/crisis picture.  He or she needs to know:

  • The impat of trauma and how it affects the entire team
  • What to do and say in times of crisis & grief
  • How to talk to a grieving individual as well as their co-workers
  • How the team's productivity is affected during the crisis/grieving period

Contact us today if you feel you are ready to explore how loss, change or illness is affecting your employees and teams, your coworkers and your company. Call to discuss your needs. Grief coaching expert, Linda Trignano, addresses the critical need to train your managers on handling workplace grief and crisis issues in a workshop covering this sensitive topic. or tel: 1 551 800 1127

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