We Work With job seekers To Give Them The Skills To ace the interview!

Get tips on how to get 1st class people skills that will dramatically improve your personal impact and your business!  

Preparation is the key to online interviewing! 

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Sharpen your online communication and interviewing skills

Interviewing has changed along with many other aspects of our daily lives - almost overnight. For most companies, the global pandemic has moved to online interviewing, and many job seekers may not be prepared for a significant shift in how to represent themselves on camera.

Interviewing online is similar to in-person interviewing, but there are several additional aspects with online interviewing that demand new skills if you want to stand out in the crowded interview field.

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We work with job seekers to give them the communication skills to be confident communicators, powerful networkers and effective managers.  

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Learn how to make an impact on others through your communications on a personal or business level. Influence and inspire those you interact with each time you connect.

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Develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your team, your company and the relationships of everyone involved while improving team effectiveness.


Grow with a Coach 


Do you want to dramatically improve your job performance? Do you need guidance preparing for an interview? Or do you need to build on the skills of your team so that they interact more positively with you, their peers or customers? If you are ready, Coach Linda will work with you utilizing her in-depth coaching technique to uncover and define your unique skills and guide you in applying those skills for improved performance.

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   Speak Like A Pro


Do you experience stage fright at the thought of making a presentation and getting up in front of a group? The ability to communicate clearly and impactfully is one of the most sought after skills for today's business professional. Do it well, and your career will reflect the success good speaking skills bring. Overcome your discomfort! Learn how to stand in front of others and present with skill and confidence. 

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Professional Speaker


Are you looking for a speaker for an upcoming sales or business conference? If so, consider Linda Trignano. She is a highly rated motivational and inspirational speaker. As a communications expert, she covers a broad range of topics that gets her audience to move from fear to action - both professionally and personally. She blends her corporate and entrepreneurial experience and weaves them into each talk that empowers her listeners. 

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Communication with Impact!

Gain the techniques needed to overcome short attention spans and the constant pressure of time that makes speaking effectively and succinctly more difficult than ever.

Dealing with Difficult People

Difficult people are everywhere! Discover the tools and techniques to help you improve the difficult relationships that negatively impact your team.

 The Challenge of Change

Focusing on the strategy and process and effectively communicating transitional decisions to employees can spell the difference between acceptance or resistance.

Powerful Presentations

Put an end to boring presentations! Acquire the skills and confidence to present in an informative and interesting manner.

  Resolving Conflict

Learn to handle conflict and implement effective resolutions. Become better at resolving situations before they escalate.

Teams That Work Well

Build a more productive team that is focused on working together to achieve the shared team goals. Better team performance will positively affect your bottom line.


Our mission is to work with emerging leaders and business professionals to enable them to be
confident communicators, powerful networkers and effective managers.
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